2017-09-07 19:59:00 by LordJabeebus


My music and video game production is in danger, my hard drive on my laptop is damaged and I have to send my it back to HP to see if they can fix it.

If too much of the drive is damaged, I won't be able to recover the music, photoshop, blender, unity, or video files I need.

If only a small protion is damaged, I can get the mass majority back.

Hold on to the hope that I can get everything back, or at least the files I listed above, wish me luck, I'm really worried :(


2017-07-04 13:22:35 by LordJabeebus

Today is a very special day, it's not just the 4th of July, it's also.....


I am so excited to spend this day in the most epic way possible and to make sure that this one will be special! (but not too special, gotta save that for my 17th birthday :P)

Be sure to wish me happy birthdy and have a great 4th of July

Temporary Music Fix

2017-05-31 04:08:07 by LordJabeebus

Hello everyone ^^,

For those of you who listen to my music and follow me here is the reason why it took down my songs and reuploaded them, but removed the ability to download them.

The reason why I did his was because my songs weren't Copyrighted/Registered in my name yet, so I had to take them down to avoid music thieves. After I did that, I then tought of a better solution so that people can still hear my music withouth me having to worry a lot about thievery, so I decided to reupload them but remove the ability to download them in order to prevent people from taking the songs and saying that they made them. (and to those who did do that, you WILL be facing criminal music piracy charges unless you take them down!)

So for now you can listen to the songs but not download them, not until I have them registered.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but its the only other solution I can think of. If you see anyone post my songs and say they created them, please let me know, I worked hard and sacrificed my grades and important events of my life to make the one thing that keeps me happy, Music.

I hope you understand

- DJ Jub